Have you seen your Product on TV?

A firm such as ours can only thrive through exceptional reliability, innovation, and integrity -- qualities recognized by our clients.

Our clients require a personal approach to their entertainment marketing objectives. Therefore, we evaluate placement strategies for each client, generating specific targeted programs. We manage and research the development and implementation of their product placement objectives. We negotiate placement opportunities and develop production relationships. We serve as an intermediary / liaison between TV and Film production personnel and corporate marketers.

The founder personally visits the sets and interacts directly with the producers, prop masters, studio clearance executives, set dressers, wardrobe personnel, location managers and transportation coordinators. We explain your brand's qualities and proper usage with the production personnel. Our firm has already forged alliances with a mass majority of the TV shows on the air.

We provide our clients with "Product Placement Reports" detailing the placement; project synopsis, type of placement, cast, network, summary of the specific opportunity, number of placements and their value, as compared to a thirty-second TV spot. We provide a digital photo of the proof of performance.