Only form of advertising that has a diminishing cost due to its longevity- theatres, television, cable, videos and/or syndication. However, the total number of audience impressions multiplies.

Average 30-second spot costs $50,000-$400,000+ production,whereas, product placement costs a fraction of that.

Awareness for new products/brands/services.

Alternative uses/situations for a product/service.

Captive audience because there is no channel surfing like during a commercial.

Product Placement is an effective strategy to gain exposure and promote products to the general public.

When the long-term nature of Product Placement is acknowledged, it can strengthen brand name recognition and serve as long-term reminder advertising.

Product Placement should be viewed as part of a total marketing plan in which it complements other techniques in the promotional mix.

Product Placement is a form of advertising that catches viewers while their defenses are down therefore they are not as critical to the advertisement.


When Product Placement is encountered in a particular television show or film it implies that the character / stars working on the show endorse that particular product, whether they mention it by name or physically interact with it in some manner. The placement links the stars to the products. An implied or perceived endorsement is perhaps one of the most important vehicles by which corporations can hope to transfer a message to the audience through a placement. Product Placement may be one of the only avenues some companies have to get their product / service in the hands of a big name actor or actress.


Due to Television shows and Films perceived realism, products seen in these mediums have higher credibility than that of paid advertisements. Placing brand name products / services within a TV show or film gives them an intensified since of realism. Product Placement strengthens the program's union / link to real life. Product Placement also adds realism and authenticity to scenery.


In regards to the Studios and Production Companies, it offsets production costs. Products and / or services are provided free of charge to the Studios and Production Companies. The Departments of props, set decorations, wardrobe and transportation can save a sizeable amount of money by using Product Placement agencies. If there were no placement agencies, these departments would be forced to buy or rent these items.